Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yea, La Tolteca e-Zine Published My Essay

I went to a one day Memoir workshop a few years ago. Ana Castillo is the writer
who hosted it. I had heard her speak at University of Houston in Victoria months
earlier and was impressed with her writing style. This past year, Ana began publishing
her La Tolteca e-Zine. She invited her students who had attended her workshops
to submit their work. I submitted one of my essays on my teaching experience
at the state prison. Imagine my surprise, when La Tolteca arrived in my email today
and there was my story,
"My  Captured  Audience,  Teaching College Credit Sociology in a Prison".- Janine Stubbs.

Ana has been an inspiration to me and I invite you to read my story in her e-Zine
publication. I feel honored to be part of this attractive publication. It's free. So, that
is an added bonus. There is also a memoriam to Carlos Fuentes, who passed last month.
I love his books. Check out Ana's books, especially if you are interested in Hispanic
culture and the Southwest. Have a good read today.
Click on :

A Few of Ana's Books:

Novel of the Mexican Revolution
The Guardians: A Novel
So Far From God: A Novel

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