Friday, January 11, 2013

Help, I'm Behind and Lost.My First Post of 2013, January 11, 2013

I have not posted in a long time. Since December 1st, 2012. I read that Georgia O'Keefe could not be creative when she was surrounded by domestic affairs. That seems to be the case with me. My husband's surgery three days after my last post has definitely kept me preoccupied. Then preparing for Christmas. My adult grandchildren always look forward to coming to our house for the holidays. I admit I enjoy preparing for their visits.  Days afterwards, the tree needs to be dismantled and the house another going over, but I haven't felt like it. Nor have I felt like getting creative. I haven't read a book, written, or painted, since the first of December.  I dare say I do want to paint, but not in the mood to pull out the paints and to get after it. It is difficult to focus and concentrate.

My writing has suffered as of late. In "The New Beginning," the post I wrote on the first day of last year, I stated my goals. When I looked over them, I recognized I did write more on my blog throughout the year.  I wrote more memoirs than I believed I could or would. But, I did have more free time to reflect. And one resolution that I stated was to give more of myself to my loved ones. It was one I think I fulfilled. But, as a result, I am less creative during the difficult times of caring for my husband and listening to my other loved ones, who are in distress from time to time. Or is this just an excuse? Time will tell.

Sterling loves the Raphael paintings of the Renaissance period. I want to paint a portrait of Raphael for his birthday. Artists sometimes copy the art of the masters. This will give me a chance to do so, as well, when I can get my act together. Well, at least this is a start, now that I'm writing. Does anyone else have this problem?