Sunday, December 18, 2011


In the course of a lifetime, a golfer’s dream is to have a hole- in- one.

Our golfer pretty well let it be known when he made his hole in one after numerous years of playing the great sport.  Many sponsors gave a variety of valuable prizes.  His picture was taken and published in the city’s paper, along with a write up about him and with whom he was playing. And in addition, the name of the club where he made his hole- in- one. Needless to say, if a golfer repeated this highly acclaimed achievement at another time in his life,  rewards again were bestowed upon him and the attention he would receive was doubled. It’s every golfer’s dream.   

One day, two opportunities to play golf with two different groups at two different clubs became a dilemma for this golfer. The first group that he accepted an invitation with was a group of his best customers. He enjoyed these guys and he looked forward to playing at his club that he was most familiar with. The other group was a group of guys he had known for a long time and with whom he didn’t often get to play because they lived out of town.

They were to play at Onion Creek Country Club, known for its challenging holes and the place where champion golfers play. Our golfer, who seldom told lies, told his first group of golfers whom he had promised a day of golf that something came up in the family and he had to excuse himself. He felt guilty but this was going to be an
opportunity that he had longed for.

Low and behold, on the sixteenth hole of the Onion Creek Country Club, our golfer made his second hole-in-one. Now what? How does he keep the Pro from putting it in the paper? And when asked by a member of the team of customers he was originally suppose to play with, how his family was doing, he thought, “Holy Crap, do I lie again?” 

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