Saturday, December 17, 2011


                                                     What Lies Beyond ?

What lies beyond is a question that does not concern me. Nor do I give much thought to it. I guess when one is close to someone who has a fatal disease or has a fatal condition herself she is more likely to ponder such ideas. I try to live my life to the fullest every day possible. And in doing so, I do not ponder such thoughts. I don’t think of a God per se. I don’t frequent churches anymore, now that I’m in the latter part of my life. When I do pray, when the need arises, I pray to our Blessed Virgin Mary. I find more strength praying to her than a male figure. She purportedly is in the “Beyond”.

When I force myself to think of what lies beyond, I recall stories of those who have “near death experiences”. They often see and feel wonderfully warm and positive images and feelings. Whatever forces are pulling them beyond are sometimes described as being close loved ones, who themselves have already passed and who are using loving forces to attract the person who is presently passing. Often those who come close to death say they experience beautiful things that make them see more love. Some see a tunnel of light that is drawing them to it.

Recently a genius of science and a great innovator died a long and painful death, from cancer. I heard that his last words on his deathbed were, “Wow, Wow, wow.” I would like to think that he was beginning to see and feel all those wonderfully warm and loving experiences that others have reported on their near death scenes when they thought they were going to the beyond. If this is what lies beyond, why should we fear it? I hope that we can say that these reported experiences is what its like to pass to the “Beyond”. If that is the case, this is how I will think of it when the time comes.

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