Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have told the story about my brother-in-law's near death experience with a massive

 heart attack on my last blog. It was called "THEY PACKED HIM IN ICE".

This was a procedure of packing him in ice.  It was done after they delivered him to the hospital

and after he received emergency care and then surgery that placed stints in his main

artery to his heart.  The packing of ice prevented possible brain damage.

 Laurie,  my sister, was first on the scene and she was the primary one who saved him

by giving him compressions on his heart. She had seen it done on TV  and

remembered how it is done. She began the compressions, shortly after she

arrived on the scene when she saw he wasn't breathing.  Thank God she knew

what to do because there are only a  few minutes after a heart attack patient

becomes unconscious or comatose  to do something about it.

     I thought it would be important to show you what she did. I found instructions

 on Youtube. So, I'm providing a link for you to watch the young woman perform

the compressions, as my sister, Laurie did. If you haven't read my story,

 please scroll down and read the rest of the

advice and information on this subject.

     Be prepared. You never know when this information may come in handy.

It could mean the difference of life and death, as it was to my brother-in-law, Kenny.

Please click on the link to youtube ,&l

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