Saturday, June 30, 2012


       Today, I finally had time to read about Justice Roberts' decision to
not rule against the "Obama's Health Care Law." There are many opinions
online as to why this so called conservative Supreme Court Justice acted in
accordance with the Liberal view point. I wanted to read about his
background before I could offer my humble opinion.
      I read about  Robert's brilliance and his ability to surpass other students
at Harvard Law School. Also, I read the accolades from his former
teachers and contemporaries. I read the opinions of Harvard Law professors
on his ruling. They were favorable, as you can read the link to them.
Some say he has had the ability to see both sides of issues and can argue
either side. That is how I attempted to teach my students, to know both sides
of important issues and argue either one. Sometimes, it was difficult for them.
     Justice Roberts has had a respect for institutions, like Harvard, the Catholic
Church, and the Supreme Court. It has been said that his early thirst
for knowledge was rooted in his Catholic education. Early, he attended
his parish elementary school and later he was privileged to attend a
a Catholic prep high school, where he studied Latin for four years.
You can read this from "The New York Times" when he was first appointed:
     I believe that with my reading of a few sources,  it is hard to classify
Roberts as a conservative,  as we might define conservatives  today.
I think his decision to rule as he did this week was "rooted" in his personal
history.  Because, he is extremely smart and was able
to use his intelligence and knowledge of law to analyze the question of The
Health Care Law in depth, he  could see the questions of the law from
both sides. But, he had to finally choose only one side and  he had to make
what he knew was the correct decision.
    In addition to this excellent achievement in law and knowledge to interpret it,
it was probably his early education with the Catholic teachings of Latin and
Social Justice that he drew from.  Because of this valuable education,
he understands what it means to believe in the common good for society.
     In summary, when the chips were down, his moral background along with his
intelligence and knowledge of the law provided him with the courage to do
what he believed was the right thing.



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