Monday, January 23, 2012


One summer I spotted a rainbow, on a lazy afternoon after a little shower in the country. It was fun because I was taking care of my two young grandsons. The older one, Austin, was almost two years old and the younger one, Sterling, was five months younger, 18 months old. Neither had many experiences, so I thought I would show them a rainbow. How could I make it important enough for them to remember, I asked myself.

I called them and exclaimed, “Guess what I see. I see a beautiful rainbow. Do you want to see it too?”

Since I showed a lot of enthusiasm in my voice, I aroused their curiosity. They came running to the door and looked out toward the sky where I pointed.

“Have you ever seen rainbows? They are beautiful. They disappear fast so we have to get a picture of it. Do you want to do it?”

 “Yes," they answered.

 I grabbed some crayons that I bought the day before and gave each of them a large piece of paper. For the next few minutes the little guys worked hard on their masterpieces. They were colorful and a little crooked in their shapes, but they were excited and focused on their art. That’s what I wanted from them.

 I said, “How beautiful your rainbows are. Yeaaaa." I added ,“Can you say Yeaaa, rainbows?”

 They answered in their cute little voices, “Yeaaaa, rainbows.”

 I said, “I will keep your pictures of your rainbows and we will show them to your mothers. You made beautiful rainbows. Yeaaaaa, beautiful rainbows.” My intent was to celebrate rainbows and encourage them to see them and notice their beauty in the future. I think I did.

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