Friday, January 6, 2012


After looking at several blogs and posting several entries,  I think I have decided upon my style and focus. I'm not too keen on writing mundane happenings in my daily life. So, I will focus on writing more nonfiction experiences which have more of a focus and reflection. I've already completed quite a few of those. If I have a void of recent activities, I will reach back in my past and reflect on those happenings that were meaningful. These will be  different chapters of memoirs, so to speak. If I run out of these, I'll post some of my historical fiction story, "The Voyage of The Ebony Piano". For brevity's sake, I can post different sections or short chapters on my blog.

I'll attempt to follow other blogs which have this kind of focus as well. Yeaaaaaa. Now, if I can do what I want with my blog, I'll be in business.

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