Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today is January 1st, 2012. It is going to be difficult to remember the numerical new year because I am so used to writing 2011. But I'm sure that is the least of my worries for the new year. However, I do like to make goals and try to accomplish them. They are not really resolutions, as the saying goes. But in a way they are. They will be the following:

1. Be a nicer person to all I meet and know. That means besides being pleasant, I want to be positive, warm, friendly, and thoughtful.
2. I want to give more time to those I love the most.
3. I want to take better care of my body by eating better foods, exercising, and getting the proper rest.
4. My ongoing goals every year is to enrich my activities in the arts.
5. Lastly, but not the least of importance, by any means, is to write more often, particularly with my story, "The Voyage of the Ebony Piano". This  blog will help to reflect on my ideas and feelings and to also write more memoirs.

As the sun is beginning to slip down in the west and this day is coming to an end, I wish everyone a Happy New Year, but also one that they may fulfill their goals and hopes and promises in the months ahead.

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  1. Janine, I love your blog. They are most interesting and it is wonderful to know these stories. Thank you for writing them.